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Ecards are a great way to show emotions, whether it be a sweet birthday wish or an apology, it’s meaningful. Some of us forget to get a card until the last minute, some of us love the environment and physical cards are a factor in the destruction of trees, some of us find that buying a physical ecard is an inconvenience and so forth. Whatever the reason may be, ecards are an easy solution, and it helps the environment. We thought about this and thought, “why don’t we make free ecards that people can use freely whenever they want?” That is how Aliquam Ecards was born. To offer free ecards to people who want to use them to express their feelings, wishes and emotions.


What does Aliquam mean?

The word “Aliquam” comes from Latin. It has a few meanings, but the one we go with is, “a lot of” (Oxford Latin Dictionary”, 1982). It can also mean “some” or “a number of.” The literal translation of Aliquam Ecards is “A lot of Ecards.” It’s a simple meaning, but maybe “Aliquam” is a bit harder to remember, but we think it’s not too bad. Now we know that there aren’t a lot of ecards on our site currently, but we are constantly adding new ones as frequently as we can. Our collection of ecards grows bigger and bigger as time goes by.

What we try to achieve.

Our motto is simplicity and elegance. We try to make everything simple for the user. We organized our website into categories so it’s easy to pick the one you want, we then show the ecards in that category to you, where you can pick an ecard and easily download it or send it to someone. No signups, no email confirmations. Easy and fast. Because our ecards are the exact size of a letter sized paper, you can easily download them and print them out as well.

We try to make our ecards as elegant, new, and appealing as possible with sweet messages to accompany them.


Want to see other ecard categories?

Send us an email, or use the contact form we have in place and write to us. We read all of the emails we get and we will do our best to add the new categories you want.


If you download our ecards or like them, we would really appreciate you liking our facebook page or following us on google plus. This helps us get our website across to many people to enjoy.

Lastly, (we hope we didn’t miss anything), please don’t sell our ecards, or use them on your own websites or claim them as your own. We offer the download link for your convenience, and all of our ecards are completely free to use. Sharing them with your friends, family and loved ones is perfectly fine, but selling them is not.

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